Published on May 23, 2020
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Hello Friends,

Every human being struggles to survive, because life does not survive without struggle. And if that happens in a hostile environment, the struggle to survive becomes difficult. We are struggling to survive in the current situation. One hand, just as the lockdown has disrupted normal life, on the other hand, the cyclone has ruined the last hope of survival.

Since our normal activities have been shut down due to prolonged lockdowns, the common people in rural areas are suffering the most as almost all avenues of income including their farming activities are closed. Life has already become hard work. Then the cyclone hit again. The struggle of those who tried to survive by producing seasonal fruits has also failed.

In fact this is life and the story of life, people dream of survival, fight for survival, fail but try to turn around again. Because there is hope behind everything!

Thanks all for understanding my words.

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