Published on May 18, 2020
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Hey Guys;


In this Vlog; I talk about all about Hive-Engine; its native token BEE and the BEE miner which is WORKERBEE..


In case you don't know Hive-Engine is developed by the same team which developed Steem-engine and they are Matt [@yabapmatt] & Aggy[@aggroed]. They are the same people who have created the wonderful card trading game which is SplinterLands.. This was just a background..

In the Vlog; I share more information about BEE & WORKERBEE and why I feel that its a great opportunity to buy yourself some WORKERBEEs which is a miner to BEE [Hive-Engine Token].

I further go on to convert some of my HDB into HIVE so that I can show you all how you can buy WORKERBEE and stake it to mine BEE.. All this you can check out in my vlog...

I'm very hopeful that this Video is going to be very useful and informative to you all without any doubt.

PS::- This is not any financial advice, buying or not buying totatlly depends upon your financial condition and your risk appetite.. The information that, I've shared is my research and findings and I see great potential in Hive-engine platfrom i.e. BEE and WORKERBEE tokens and miners.. So Please do your research as well before investing..

Article Link; I was talking about..

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Do you love playing games and do you want to earn as well while playing the game. If YES then come join this amazing online trading cards game SPLINTERLANDS here

See You @ The Battle Field - May the POWERS be with You!!

Best Regards & Thank You!!!

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