Published on Feb 14, 2020
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Whiskey Down (The Hidden Blues) by SackJo22 (c) copyright 2010 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Pitx, rocavaco

Human body is meant to move. Don't sit for excessively long periods of time. Take a break once in a while and move your body. One minute break every 30 minutes.

@actifit and @appics joined their forces in Steem and organized a #getinshapechallenge.
After few days, this is where I am now.
6 toe pushups + 4 chair pushups
Darn, this does not look good on camera. And the chair pushups from this angle do not work.
7,5 toe pushups
Darn for the second time. Forgot the note that has my name, date and the tag.
2,5 toe pushups
Yeah, can't. Just can't anymore.
17 knee pushups
Got to get something, so knee pushups it is then.

Taking a video of your workout is fun, or can be fun if you know what you're doing. Remember everything, check the framing and repeat it all at least 4 times. Perhaps more. Consult your bank account and your brain before you break your camera or phone because when you finally get everything right, you no longer have the strength to do the moves and it pisses you off. Very much so.

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Making people move,


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