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Published on Oct 22, 2019
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This is Nigeria (in falz voice). Nigeria is a country still struggling with power supply. In fact, we hardly enjoy power supply for 2hrs in a day and many part of the country don't even have access to electricity.
The only option is to improvise by buying a generator individual which many Nigerian cannot afford. Those that even have a generator cannot afford to fuel it everyday.

Usually people are stranded when there device is off and at time have to pay to charge it up.

I put on my generator every evening and open my gate for everybody around to charge their devices (phones, laptops, lamps, torchlight etc).

This is a little act of kindness and my neighbors appreciate it a lot. I receive words of prayers from them everyday.

This exactly what God commanded when He asked us to love our neighbors.

I'm sharing this to encourage you all to love and help people around you. no matter how little you can help, just do it.

With love, this world will be a better place.

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