Published on Jun 17, 2019
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Steem is the blockchain of opportunity.

There is no other place on the internet where it's possible to empower yourself as much as it is on Steem.

And the ways you can do this now are increased tenfold.

You see new communities being created on Steem every day through Steem Engine and empowered by their own token.

Like for instance.

The opportunity is simple. If you believe in and go after like it's your only destiny in life you will always win from the person that's also trying to make it on Splinterlands,, and Dtube.

You can buy Pal tokens with STEEM, make content for every day, invest some of your own money to buy PAL and grow your own account and seize that opportunity by the balls and build a foundation in that community.

The same can be said for 3speak. Even though not open to the public. If you are on there as a deplatformed content creator and see an opportunity to build a foundation then it makes sense to invest in the place and promote it and get as many people on that platform as you possibly can.

The same goes for the game Splinterlands. If you believe this game will be bigger than it is today and then it naturally makes sense to play the game, invest in the game and get good at the game and put your soul focus into becoming the best at it.

Man, even if you are a cryptocurrency trader there is an opportunity here to research and invest in different tokens that will empower different communities and apps without partaking in any of them.

What do I think?

I think soon it will be impossible to do everything on Steem and be the best at it. And that's awesome.

Can you imagine having 30 games on here? You won't be able to invest in all of them nor have enough time to play them.

Imagine having 300 communities build on Steem. You won't have time to put your focus on all of them.

You will have to pick and choose. And if you choose wisely it's a huge opportunity to change your life.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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