Published on Sep 09, 2019
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My good friend @ezzy was here for the weekend and we had some great conversations about Steem.

Normally I would share some photo's (Appics) of what we are doing (basic stuff really, playing games, eating great food, just good times) but we both agreed that under #newsteem the age of Appics is over for now.

Using Appics for plain fun posts is on the back burner until SMT's come out. It's just the way it is.

When SMT's are out for Appics, then hopefully those posts will no longer appear on Steemit.com and the app can finally be used for what it is.

Having fun in my case and sharing my life using an awesome Instagram type app on the Steem Blockchain.

As expected the thundering train of new Steem is rolling through our blockchain with force.

I see so many changes already. From a new acceptable downvote culture and abuse being combated left-right and center to new content creators being reward with STEEM.

I have made a lot of adjustments in the way I 'Steem' too.

I keep a close I on my curating rewards and I expect to earn around 800-1000 STEEM (rough calculation) per week curating well with the SP that I got. (used to be 250 STEEM under linear, it's what I remember)

Which should return in a 14%-19% ROI on my SP in a year just curating.

I talk about it in my vlog.

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

Please consider us for your witness vote if you think we deserve it here:

Vote for @blockbrothers via SteemConnect
Set blockbrothers as your proxy via SteemConnect

We are the creators of Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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