Published on Jul 13, 2019
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Mountain Medvednica is the place where I grew up. Right now it is getting destroyed and no one has a single clue about it. The minority took it to themselves and more and more trees are illegally cut everyday, paths are blocked - all in front of our very eyes. The shocking thing is no one seems to care, people are too tired to think let alone go and climb a mountain... What the majority of public is unaware of, our mayor has some strong connections with investors from China who see Medvednica as an ideal location to build high-end luxury apartments, in the sky! There are some people screaming about it, but it tends to get lost in the magical circle of BS which is served to us daily, with the help of mainstream media algorithms. This hiking route is my form of activism against the corrupt system and I'll make sure to spread this video over all my social media channels to 5000+ followers. If you want to go a step further, make sure to follow this link and sign the petition:

The video is exclusive content of; all the music is licensed on Epidemic Sound.

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