Published on Jun 02, 2020
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After a nice energizing yoga flow I decided to speak about a topic which gets is used to divided and conquer peaceful resistance.

This ongoing battle between free humanity and technocratic dictatorship has us confused and mired in conflict. According to Attorney General William Barr, peaceful demonstrators in WASHINGTON D.C. need to be dominated by the full force of the federal government. Some of us are cheering ANTIFA being labeled as a terrorist group but let's have a reality check:

###The federal government does not discriminate between peaceful anarchists and agent provacateurs.

The hammer of authority will target EVERYONE but first we must consent to our own demise by demanding for the military to be used to bring back "order."

This is the context today, and if we choose to detach ourselves from this topic we will all become terrorists in the eye of big brother...even if we don't identify as ANTIFA.

Instead of righteous rage that destroys everything....we should be extending an olive branch to our fellow man.

Does this mean we absolve ourselves of responsibility? Absolutely not! We are all responsible as much as the politicians in creating this madness. Sadly, the time for philosophical debate on the nuanced between the left & right is way long passed. Today, we must be realistic and contend with the situation as it unfolds. We need to expedite the evolution of consciousness through means that are creative, compassion and spontaneous. The State can only dominate in the dialectics of fear, anger and violence. Keeping it peaceful, productive and compassionate is as real as it gets.

No one said this would be easy...

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