Published on Nov 04, 2019
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A world without cash - anonymous currency - is coming soon. No longer a conspiracy, this plan is announced and applauded by governments, banks, and corporations. But I've always said I'd never live in such a world, so an impasse approaches. Will you join the cashless society already taking form?

I won't move my line in the sand. 7 years after first uploading this video, I'm reuploading it without edit, to reaffirm my stance (besides, it was shadowbanned by YouTube and dropped by DTube). Private currency must always be available to citizens in a free nation. We aren't free if all transactions must be tracked and recorded by the state and/or by private banks! Freedom of transaction is almost as vital a right as freedom of speech.

How cryptocurrencies fit into this remains to be seen, and I'm excited to find out!


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