Published on Jun 29, 2020
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Hello Friends,

Hope you all are well. I am here with a new video again. My today’s topic of discussion is about Mother Nature and the ways to protect it.


Nature is a combination of many elements. Plants and trees are the most important part of the nature. Trees give us oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and many other greenhouse gases.

We are cutting down trees everyday for different reasons. On the other hand we are not planting the same. As a result, our Mother Nature is loosing its balance. Global warming is happening due to increase of greenhouse gases. Sea level is increasing which is a warning signal for us.

If we take few initiatives, we can save our nature. We are cutting down almost 45% of trees only for paper production. If we use both sides of paper, the consumption will be less. As a result, we will be required less trees.

The best solution is to plant trees. Let’s plant more an more trees and save our Mother Nature.


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