Published on Mar 29, 2020
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Hello Hive Fam!

This interview is going to be a little different than the typical ones i conduct with the CEO’s and founders of various blockchain companies. Today, I’m chatting with the CEO of Facts!

Those in the crypto space will know him as BitBoy Crypto, but what you may not know is how he has catapulted himself to fame in the TikTok world and now has over 1.4 million followers there. He actually has one of the craziest TikTok stories out there as he gained 750k of those followers in just one week.

In this video we go DEEP on a bunch of topics, inlcluding:

  • His TikTok story and what the evolution of his content has looked like on there.

  • His thoughts on picking a niche. Does it matter? Can you pivot if it you hit a wall… or will you pigeon hole yourself?

  • Tips for going viral – If he has seen any consistent themes or elements from your most viral tiktoks.

  • How many times a day he posts an why.

  • Engagement and rewatches - Hear his strategies to encourage engagement.

  • Monetization… how is he currently monetizing this large following and what his future plans are.

  • The importance of truly connecting with your audience and taking good care of them.

  • Translating a Tiktok audience to other platforms. Hear how he was able to grow a Youtube channel with 30k subs in only TWO WEEKS.

  • We close out with the question, “What message would you like to send your followers” 💖

If you are on Tiktok and trying to grow, or maybe have been sitting on the sidelines thinking about jumping in…I guarantee you will get SO much value out of this interview. Please be sure to drop a comment below letting me know what some of your biggest takeaways were!

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XO, Lea



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