Published on Feb 08, 2020
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This is my rendition of Douglas E. Wagner's Trumpet Tune on 'Hyfrydol' recorded on the Armley Schulze organ of St. Bartholomew, Leeds (UK) using the Hauptwerk VPO software.

HYFRYDOL refers to a hymn tune with the meter 87.87 written by Rowland Huw Prichard. Douglas Wagner composed a setting based on this tune in the form of a Trumpet Tune. It's commonplace for composers to take hymn tunes and create compositions based on them. Interesting, I have always played the hymn in F major where as this postlude is in A-flat major. Upon further research, the original key of the hymn tune was in fact A-flat major!

I hope you enjoy this short postlude on the Schulze organ. The score is available from the Lorenz Corporation if you wish to obtain it.


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