Published on Dec 23, 2019
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This is my rendition of John Stanley's Voluntary in E minor, recorded on the organ at St. Bartholomäus church in Friesach using the Hauptwerk VPO software. In typical old English organ style, the voluntary is divided into two movements—Adagio and Allegro. The Adagio section ends with an imperfect cadence which signifies that there is more to come (Allegro). The Allegro section is written in a quasi Fugue style, with much repetition of the theme being heard in different voices.

You will see in the Hauptwerk console output that I have pedal stops engaged. There is actually no pedals used in this piece (or many of old English voluntaries for that matter) but I had left them on accidentally from a previous piece. This doesn't affect the music because I have not played any pedal notes. You will also see I have also chosen to use the higher Mixture in the Allegro. I think the Mixture based on 2 2/3' is best coupled with the 16' Praestant. The Principal Chorus up to Mixture on this instrument is very transparent which I like very much!

I hope you enjoy my rendition of this Stanley work. He has an enormous output of voluntaries which I may choose to record sometime in the future.

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