Published on Jun 26, 2019
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Welcome back to another video. My name is Ken and the question going around is do I need to be a tech genius in order to understand or invest in cryptocurrency?

Now that really depends on what year it is when you are watching this video. If you're watching this way back in 2009 when bitcoin first began, then I would say, yeah, you need to be pretty technical, but since this video is being released in 2019 I want to tell you straight up that you do not have to be a tech genius to understand cryptocurrency.

There are many sites and services out there that make it very simple now to invest and to get started to grow your portfolio. One example is which is a very simple website. You sign up like you would any other site, you know with a username, your password, you connect your bank account to it. And you can then purchase your own bitcoins, you're own Ether and Litecoin.

And there's actually multiple coins now listed on Coinbase so that's just one example. And even there you have a wallet that is built into the platform. So you don't have to have a separate cryptocurrency wallet. You've got one actually built right into the website. So that's just one example. It makes it really easy. There's applications that you can put on your phone and you can actually start mining cryptocurrency very, very easily and you don't have to have tech skills in order to do it.

So I think one of the major barriers for actually getting involved in the cryptocurrency space is this notion of, you know what, I have to be a computer science major in order to really understand how it works. And the truth is you don't, you know, you can just go and you can look up a video like you're watching right now.

You can check out the service like Coinbase or multiple other services out there that are very simple to use and understand. You might not full grasp the backend and how it actually works when you send bitcoin from one wallet to another. But think about it this way. You don't exactly understand how electricity works, but yet you use it every single day.

So it's just one of those concepts where you use the internet every day but you don't necessarily understand the inner workings and that's okay. You can become a user, you can become a holder and investor and an enthusiast of cryptocurrency without knowing all the technical aspects of how it works on the backend and you can still utilize it to grow your portfolio and to grow your wealth, uh, in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. So just wanted to bust that myth talking about being at this tech genius, this computer science major.

In order to understand Bitcoin, you really don't hear nowadays in 2019 there's many services that make it very simple and I'm going to link to a couple of those below this video. You can check those out if you want to. If not, that's okay too.

Thank you guys so much for watching this video. This is Ken with Coin Gallant. It's been a pleasure talking to you about this topic today, and I can't wait to see you in the next one. Make sure that you subscribe somewhere around this video for more value like this. Have an amazing rest of your day.

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