Published on Jun 29, 2019
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Hey guys, welcome back to another video. My name is Ken. I'm really glad that you're here today. Today I'm going to be talking about 3Speak @threespeak It's a great website where you can actually get your videos hosted and playback speed is impressive.

What's special about this website is that it's specifically made for people who are talking about the tech industry, cryptocurrency, and for people who are deplatformed or censored on other platforms just for voicing their opinions. So other social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, you know, people who have built up a following on other social media sites...and then they just got banished to the ends of the interwebs. They got taken off of those websites for one reason or another. And 3Speak is really a breath of fresh air for people because especially like me being a content creator, I want to have my voice heard, you know, as well as a lot of other people in the crypto space do.

In the overall grand scheme of things, people are getting censored on a regular basis and they need a place to go. They need a place to have their voice heard. And so they can do that at So it's an excellent platform. Right now it's in Beta, but it's going to be released out of Beta within the next number of months. They're working on it every single day. I've posted on 3speak and it's an excellent community.

What’s cool is that every time that I post on 3speak, it also posts onto my Steemit blog. So it's a double whammy. You get your video posted on 3speak and you also get it posted on the steam blockchain. So it's excellent especially if you've been deplatformed, if you've been censored, if you have built up a following on other social media sites and you've got banished from there, or if you're just really into cryptocurrency and you love talking about it, then it's a great place to come and talk about it and build a community on it.

So right now they're kind of limiting the amount of content creators that are going on there cause they want to be a tight knit community right now and then they're going to be opening it up to the public, eventually down the road. More updates to come on that soon.

So guys, I highly recommend checking out @oracle-d is in charge of it also @theycallmedan is in charge of it as well. And there are some other people who are moderating it and building the back end. And, it's absolutely amazing. It's one of my favorite video platforms to post on. You know, there's obviously Dtube and you know, there's other video platforms out there. There used to be Dlive way back in the day. But forget about them right now. We've got @threespeak.

It's amazing. And what else can I say about it? Um, it's cool. You should just check it out. So go to I'm going to put a link to it down below as well. So you guys can check it out and you can view videos on there. As soon as you become a content creator who is actually approved to create content on the platform, then you will be able to put it on there as well. If applications are closed, don’t lose hope. Try back again soon to become a creator.

So if you have any questions, feel free to drop them below and feel free to reach out to me as well. You know, privately, if you want to talk more about this platform and how it works and how you can get started. So thank you guys for watching this video. This is Ken with Coin Gallant. Feel free to subscribe somewhere around this video. For more value like this, I'll catch you in the next one. Stay awesome and have an amazing day.

P.S. In a subsequent video I will be doing a walk-through of the website and the different features it has.

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