Published on Dec 28, 2019
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In this video I reviewed one of the best steem tools !

I think that's :

I like about this tool everything. It can show so much about accounts in steem. It shows things that's so hidden and that's so nice. It show all the truth about every single steemian. ☺

Of course I will write a post for those who prefer to read !

The first and the most important thing is of course account voting :


That shows everything that's related to upvotes. Outgoing Votes and Incoming Votes where you can see what steemians are voting and who are upvoting them the most. So, noone will tell you that he/she is better than you in term of curation if you are doing well. No one will blame in circle jerking if you are not doing so. Everybody will see what you are upvoting and who are you supporting. It's the blockchain baby !

In both options you can choose the numeber of days when the steemian voted, so you may see if the behavior changed or not.

Outgoing Votes will show you how the steemian is useful to the community and the Outgoing Votes will show you who are supporting the steemian the most and you will understand maybe how to get support or you will prove something else for yourself.

Article Voters is not working for some reason.

  • Outgoing Flags and Incoming Flags will show you what the steemian is usually flagging or who is flagging him/her.

  • Votes Graph will show you the related accounts in term of number of upvotes.

  • Vote Diversity will show you how the upvotes are diversified.

In Steem Vote Charts you will find the information about the biggest upvoters :


So, you can see there : Most Voted, Most Flagged, Top Voters and Top Flaggers.

You can even see that in every single day what may change :


You can even could see the most rewarded steemians : , but it seems that the option is not working for some reason. If you know how to find that, please let me know. I would like to see such information public.

You can even check all the transfers from steemians, at least that's working :

You can even check all the delegators :


So, you will see who is delegating to whom and what are the biggest delegations and how it's used.


That may help you also to find out some interesting projects and steemians out there !

There is even something for developers :


I don't understand all that, but that maybe useful to someone.

Wow, thanks to this tool and to digging in it deaper, I found finally trending comments :

And that's in Visibility :


There is even Trending Declined Payout Content :

There is enough information about witness as well :


Wow it seems suppose to show information about spammers as well, in Sincerity :


But, for some reasons all options there are not working. It will be good if that will be fixed.

Sadly @steemreports is not posting anything.

There are also Other Steem Tools in the tool itself :


About File Hashing Tool I can't say anything. It seems for developers. I would be glad if someone will explain me that.

But, Steem Word Clouds is really a nice tool that show you the most used words by a steemian :

For example, here are the words I mostly use in my steem journey :


I seems worry a lot about steem and the community. ☺

I think such tool can also help you to protect your rights in steem !

Enjoy watching the video, I said more there.


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