Published on Dec 31, 2019
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In this video I shared my emotions about the poll I created.

The poll is to compare between youtube alternatives !

I shared there @threespeak , @dtube , and

But, people there are commenting with more platforms like bittube and others. Will we let other platforms not built on steem win the poll ???

Please vote there on @threespeak or @dtube. It's up to you what to choose ! They are both built on steem !

I choosed @threespeak for sure, because it's the best for me and for everyone I think !

Let's make steem go viral ! Let to go to the moon ! Help me in this mission !

Here is the link to the tweet :

Please vote, you have nothing to lose, but only to support steem !

You can also write why you voted on a particular platform !

The votes are anonymous ! Noone will know what you choosed !

Enjoy watching.


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