Published on Nov 14, 2019
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In this video I shared something we could think before that's impossible, but it's possible with steem.

Just think about it.

We all can give without losing !

It's really possible only with steem !

All the time we use to give money with losing them. But with steem all we need is a stable steem power to give money. We can literary distribute money among people without losing them. Let's use this opportunity to invite people from outside steem. Instead of thinking about curation rewards, let's think about finding more people to reward and spread this idea to make more of them invest in steem.

I will share this in all other social media to make people understand the huge idea behind steem. It's really world changing thing if we present the right way. It's better to spread this for better future than to create more here to earn more. That's why I'm creating less now, because I spend more time outside steem to invite people from steem.

We can invite them now from all the spaces. I mean we already have everything ready for all the niches. We have all types of platforms needed for that.

I'm a curator in @tipu and I can give now upto $5 a day. I'm feeling like a whale. I just imagine how much others can give. Imagine if they all will share this outside and create contests there, how many people will join here. It's really a revolutionary thing.

Let's do it all together and make steem the life saving. We can make everybody rich if we want that. For some people even those a few dollars are something big. For someone in a poor country earning a few dollars a day is like a dream. Let's change the world together and make every single human know about steem and that they don't have to care that much about money and don't be slaves to their governments.

This is how I understand steem and this is how I'm excited about it.

That's why I don't care that much about other crypto or tokens.

I'm all with steem !

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