Published on Oct 09, 2019
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Last time when I created the giveaway, I asked to watch the video, to retweet and to write in bitcointalk forum what do you think about steem ( in this post if you are interested ).

I noticed that not a lot of people noticed the giveaway and that's why I decided to create the update for the last time.

So, it's the last chance to win 100 steem this month !

All I need now 100 views for this video, nothing more !

To participate, you have to resteem this post, retweet the tweet I will add here and watch the video.

You can share the prove in the comments ( screenshot not link ).

Once I will get 100 views for this video, I will choose a random one who participated to send him 100 steem !

I will use a random number generator online and give a number to each one who commented.

Last time, only @chireerocks did everything I asked about and he got the number 1, so I will start again and give him an other number this time.

I see also @ahmanik47 interested and thanks to those who retweeted last time and they are : @emiliomorles , Nihal32327127 , @travoved , @jenina619 , @gentleshaid , @cryptobrewmaster , @eddiespino , @jeronimorubio , @brianoflondon , @katerinaramm .

Some of those who retweeted, deleted that after some time, if you delete that, it will not be counted !

I will send that also in form of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, in case someone will join steem to participate ! That's why I'm asking to retweet, so anyone from outside steem may participate and join us that way.

So, help me reach 100 views for this video to make me send that 100 steem to someone.

It's the last chance. I will check the video till the end of this month and if it will not reach 100 views, so I will not send steem to anyway. 100 views is not a lot, really.

Let's have some fun.

Disclaimer : In case I will not reach 100 steem, i will come with an other idea to giveaway that anyway. When I joined steem, I was doing a lot of giveaways and contents, that's why I have so many followers. I want to start doing them again, because I really enjoy doing that. ☺

Once again :

1. Watch the video.

2. Resteem this post.

3. Retweet this tweet.

Welcome to DCooperation community

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