Published on Dec 27, 2019
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Notice that this is not only about the existing whales but about the future whales we will have here. Imagine a group of people deciding to join steem and power up a lot just to downvote the most dedicated steemians. Should we let them do so ?

I've been on steem blockchain for more than 2 years and half. I do my best to promote it in all other social media. I even do more than that and follow and comment all steemians out there to support them. I'm also the founder of the community @dcooperation to make steemians collaborate with each other, then to collaborate with crypto communities to promote steem.

Recently some whales decided to downvote me for desagrement of rewards I got from my videos. I realize that's not a desagrement of rewards because it's not implemented on all those who are in trending page every single day, but only on me who apear there once in decades. Most of steemians told me to just accept those downvotes and I'm accepting that and I'm very calm writing now.

Maybe I'm wrong because every single human being can be wrong. But, what about those who are downvoting hard for desagrement of rewards. Are they always right about what they do. You think no one of them is abusing the power.

The abuse can be in both upvotes and downvotes. Some steemians left before because of the abuse of upvote bots we had. Now people are leaving because of the free downvote. I think we all want the true decentralization and that's the main reason of being in steem.

So, since every single steemian has the right to create a proposal here :

I'm thinking :

What about a steem proposal that restrict those who abuse their power of upvoting or downvoting for days ?

What do you think about such proposal ?

Should I create it or someone else may do ?

Do you think that's a good idea ?

I mean just like steemit inc choosed the Delegation Committee. And those are @aggroed, @starkerz and @eonwarped. We can choose the abuse Committee.

I'm not in the trending page that often and that's why I don't know maybe some rules to be there. That's why I'm asking you to tell me your opinion about such proposal. And sorry if I offended someone. Those are just ideas I'm sharing in a decentralized platform. I'm still learning about steem after all this time.

I will tag some steemians who I respect a lot, to tell me their opinions :

@theycallmedan, @gtg , @jongolson , @shadowspub , @whatsup or any steemian can tell me his opinion about this.

And sorry again to talk about this topic again and again. This is maybe the last time I do so. If most steemians tell me that I just have to accept downvotes and move on. I will do and don't create such proposal and promote it.

I'm tired to see some steemians leaving and I wanted to do what I can to not let that happen. Tired to talk out them to stay and to accept everything as it is.


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