Published on Nov 12, 2019
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In this video I'm sharing what I've learned from @tipu.

It was an upvote bot, but now it's a cool curation project !

I shared all my experience being a curator there for more than a month.

I learned mostly things related to curation rewards in steem blockchain:

  1. Upvoting before 5 minutes after the video posted is not profitable.

  2. Upvoting before 5 minute will lead to losing 80% of the curation rewards.

  3. Upvoting after the 5 minute is more profitable.

  4. In case the post is already having big rewards it's not profitable to upvote it.

  5. In case the post is upvoted well even before the 5 minute or after, is not profitable as well.

  6. Automation is making a lot of steemians losing a lot of curation rewards.

  7. Usually those who are doing well in their previous posts, may do well in most of them.

  8. Not always upvoting those who are in trending or hot is profitable.

  9. Efficiency can be high even if the post will not earn that much.

  10. I learned as well about steemians who know who to follow. lol

I think those are all things I learned from being a curator in @tipu.

It's really awesome that I can curate from a big account on steem, even if we have rules to follow. But even whales now are not allowed to do with their steem power anything they want, so this project is making curators feel like whales and that's really awesome feeling. ☺

Enjoy watching.


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