Published on Sep 28, 2019
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We are all here worrying about the price of steem while people outside don't know about it !

I'm running a promotion in forums and the most active discussion is in bitcointalk here : What do you think about steem blockchain ?. I created that just a few days ago and it's already having 34 replies and 166 views. I showed that in the video.

Most people there heard about steem and that's a kind of social blockchain where steemit is built and they think that we are here earning only from posting and commenting. They don't know about the applications and the communities created here and that's the biggest problem.

That's why our role is to explain to people outside steem, that steem is not steemit and that we have so many opportunities here.

If people will not know about everything happening here, they will not be excited to join. Erning just from posting and commenting is not a new thing. There are so many social media now that are trying to pay people for doing so.

I'm promoting steem in more forums and you can do the same. Running after rewards in steem itself it's not enough. If steem price will grow, you will earn much more. But without action, we are not going anywhere. I created a thread in bitcointalk and just a few steemians wrote there to support it. I'm defending steem there and explaining to those who don't know what's steem. Help me in my mission.

Thanks to @theycallmedan for supporting and resteeming my post about this mission. Thanks also to @daan who is supporting the main thread about steem here : Blogging is the new Mining. Thanks as well for the newcomer @wayo who wrote in other forums I'm promoting steem in.

I hope more people will join us to promote steem and to teach people about steem. They should know everything, but not only the main idea. Talk about the details.

That's it what I want to say.

If you really care about steem, do something about it !

Join ''Mission possible'' - The big movement to promote steem

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