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Published on Jan 20, 2020
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I see more and more people joining HEX. I lost money in scams before joining steem and I would like others to not lose it as well. Especially when I see some steemians involved in this.

In the video I showed enough proves about that HEX is a scam.

I don't know anything about this project and I can't review it from inside, because I felt that's scam right aways when it was created. Especially when they promise 10,000 x during a year. I've seen similar scams and I have an intuition. Don't you remember for example how much people lost with bitconnect ? I feel that HEX is the bittconnect of this year !

Maybe there are some scams bigger than this now, but it's too much of seeing people crazy about something where they more likely lose money rather than joining steem and invest in it. Some are even selling steem for this hex. lol

Here are some articles I talked about :

And the biggest evidence is in the end of the video where a guy interviewing HEX creator about this and the guy telling so many things proving that his project is a scam. Maybe without knowing about that. lol

I don't know why people still fall in the trap of scams, but that's what's always happening and those who are use to create them are still using the situation and because of them the reputation of crypto is distroyed sometimes.

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