Published on Jan 12, 2020
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We have a lot of kinds of prooves on steem blockchain like the proof of brain, the proof of stake and others !

I already mentioned the proof of activity somehow and that when you show to people that you are active on the chain !

So, in this video I talked about the proof of promotion and how it's important to every single steemian who is working hard to promote steem to the world.

I think when we promote it, we should write posts about that and show everyone our work on the chain instead of working only behind the scenes. I still remember the best advice from @nathanmars when he was active, he told me ''Put all your work on the blockchain'' ! ( Glad to see him resteeming a post 7 days ago. The resteemed post was about the community created by @acidyo , you can take a look ).

So, since now I'm promoting steem not only in social media and forums, but I'm even promoting it in other crypto communities, I decided to write this post to tell those steemians who are promoting it, to write posts about what they did. At least some reports sometimes, so others will be motivated to do the same. Imagine if every single steemian start promoting ! The effect will be really huge !

So, I promoted today this video in LBRY :

I wrote there in the description about @cryptofinally and how she joined crypto world and steem. I also shared this post, so people will move to steemit and learn about steem Crypto Finally Updates - Exposing steem to over 2 million followers in twitter ! and that's true that @cryptofinally is really well known and she is also now promoting steem, so you can check her twitter page yourself and see, she's followed by more than 24K people ! So, I consider her an influencer now. And in the video itself we talked a lot about steem !

Of course as always the video will be promoted in twitter, so if you want to help me promote it, please retweet this :

There are a lot of steemians promoting steem in other social media and most of them are rewarded well. But we need to find those who are not rewarded and support them for their work. For example in the video I showed how I was exploring twitter and found @whatisnew a guy who joined steem even before me, but he is not that rewarded. I'm sure your will find more of such steemians if you look for them in other social media under ''steem'' tag who are really working hard to promote steem but not noticed yet by the community. That could be the fault of the curators who are not finding them or their fault because they are not proving that they are promoting steem !

So, always post about your promotion and support the consept of proof of promotion or POP in steem !

Or you can just use the tag #posh created by @ocd community and you maybe rewarded by them !


You can follow me in all these social media and let me know in the comments, how can I find you to follow :

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I'm promoting steem in all of them. Let's connect there and promote it together !

I'm also the founder of @dcooperation , the community where we collaborate. You're welcome to join us in our discrod server.

Here is the community in beta.steemit, you can subscribe and post in it : . We are giving autoupvotes for that !

Check here what else I do to promote steem : The efforts I do to promote steem !

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