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Published on Feb 02, 2020
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In video I talked about why you should follow and comment @cryptofinally!

I interviewed her in this video about a 9 months ago :

And did that again a few months ago to onboard here to @threespeak :

The most important is that she's now promoting steem !

But, I see her not getting so much comments under her videos !

Please, support her and make her feel the community in steem !

She is really a crypto influencer and she can onboard so many people no steem !

She was also interviewed by @Coruscate and I'm sure you can find that interview as well !

She met Vitalik Buterin and a lot of other crypto influencers.

Just like I wrote in this post : Crypto Finally Updates - Exposing steem to over 2 million followers in twitter ! , she really can expose steem to a lot of people out there !

It's a reminder video and post to try to support her by some comments and all those who are hardly promoting steem to outside world !

Enjoy watching !


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