Published on Oct 22, 2019
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In this video I reviewed

It's a card game with crypto community and that's awesome.

When I joined, I thought it's built on steem, but it's built on ethereum.

Maybe I didn't notice the steem part, I don't know.

I used the link of @themarkymark to join.

I'm also inspired by steemians I know like @enjoyinglife and @emsonic who are playing it.

Thanks as well to @steemer-sayu907 for telling me about the contest of @ocd here : Gods Unchained Steem Raffle for the weekend tournament!. But it seems too late to participate in that. I also didn't use their link to register.

But anyway. I had fun reviewing the game and I'm glad to join the discord server with more than 15,000 members who maybe in the future steemians as well. I will try to build relations with them and invite them to steem, what I was doing all the time behind the scenes. lol

I was joining crypto communities and telling them about steem. ☺

I see some of you activlely playing this game and I'm not that good in games. But, tell me why I should buy some cards? I just want to know. Maybe some of you have a good video explaining that, so I will learn from you.

I've seen people making good money from selling cards like in @steemmonsters, maybe it's too late for me to start playing there, but not yet late to play Godsunchained ?

Welcome to DCooperation community

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