Published on Jan 18, 2020
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I decided to create today a funny video about fake creator of bitcoin ! lol

Following bitcoin for so long, I'm tired to see so many forks created claiming that it's the real bitcoin !

I don't remember all of them, but I can count some : bitcoin dark, bitcoin gold, bitcoin cash and now bitcoin sv. ☺

I think the only true bitcoin, it the main one, I guess it's called as well bitcoin core ! I don't think that any fork can compete with it. It was the first cryptocurrency created and all others just trying to make something better or more useful blockchains.

The main reason why it's the most expensive among cryptocurrencies, it that's the door to crypto world and the main reason is being used in all exchanges to buy any type of crypto. Usually the first thing that come to mind for anyone thinking about crypto is bitcoin.

As always, I created this funny video that steem is the real bitcoin and that I'm Satoshi Nakamoto, just for fun. I still don't know who is the guy who created bitcoin or the group of people. But, I'm almost sure that not bitcoin sv guys because why they need to create an other bitcoin if they already created one !

I'm not that technical, but I know that if we talk about steem fork, that means changing a bit how steem work, not creating an other similar blockchains. Or maybe that could also called fork ? I don't know. Something like smoke or other copies like golos.

So, in the case of bitcoin, I think no one is able to edit the code because we don't know the creator or the team. So, those forks seems just copying a part of the code, but not the whole one. This is what I understand so far. Anyway, if you know something about the topic, let me know about that. All I know I wrote !

And I'm not Satoshi Nakamoto, just kidding. lol

I hope you will like the video !

Enjoy watching. ☺

The video will be as well promoted in twitter and that may create a bit of awareness in crypto world about steem, so they will all learn about it !


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