Published on Jan 16, 2020
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An an old steemian who have been here for almost 2 years and 8 months, I would like to read for you some old posts with sharing my thoughts about that.

I found a great old post about reputation and ranking in steem and I shared it in the video !

If you are interested here is the post : How I Achieved The #1 Reputation, I've found it after looking in google for ''steem reputation in the world''. The post was created by @stellabelle , she was the most reputed in steemit 3 years ago. I still see here creating sometimes.

In the post she shared a lot of tips and even I learned something good from it. It's also nice to see one post in steemit making over $200 and she mentioned as well that @dollarvigilante made even $15,000 from one post when he joined ! It's nice to remember that time. It's a kind of nostalgy I have now. ☺

It's also a new series of videos I'm creating now. So, I will read interesting old posts found by me in steemit. Because I feel that there is a lot of content that should be exposed ! For example my best post that made me over $64 and that's the post about The best steemit tips for my dear followers and all steemit users ! written two years ago ! You can find it through esteem search engine if you look for ''clixmoney'' there.

I also mentioned that I'm not ranked 129 among the most reputed steemians now. You can check that here : my steem ranking. I also set a goal to be among top 100 most ranked steemians and I will do my best to be there !

I hope you will like the video.

Enjoy watching. ☺


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