Published on Dec 28, 2019
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In this video I talked about what's happening with Ethereum and how can that affect Steem !

Vitalik Buterin seems that he sold 90K ETH what worth $25 million. And that's really a big deal.

Imagine if Ethereum will fail ! What will happen so ?!

I created a video about Ethereum before that's worse than steem and I was attacked by some telling me that I don't know anything about it. Yeah, I don't know that much about it. I know more about steem. But, the thing I'm sure about is that Ethereum has fees to pay for each transaction and that I have to wait some time for that to be confirmed. I did transact some Ethereum once and the amount was low and I didn't get that amount at all to my coinbase account. It's too simple, the transaction wasn't confirmed by the blockchain. So, what if someone will send a big amount, will he/she just lose his money ?

I also know that all my life transactions in steem are and will be sent and received instantly ( 3 seconds ) without waiting for any confirmation. I never had an issue with steem during 2 years and half trading it. And who can tell me now that Ethereum is better ?! If you are so hardly defending it, what you are doing in steem ?!

Anyways, this is why I think that steem can easily replace Ethereum. We have a dedicated community even with such price. We have awesome applications built on it. We pay no fees, transactions are instant. We will have SMT's very soon. Communities are already tested in And even people in social media know now about it thanks to #promo-steem and the effort of dedicated steemians.

Can you tell me now that's Ethereum is better ?

Maybe I'm wrong, who knows. But, please prove that you are right. What's special in Ethereum that I can't see in steem ?

Anyway, I'm still learning about cryptocurrencies and I would like to know more about other cryptos more. Because we are all fighting for the decentralization after all. We should always collaborate. Our communities should stick together and build something even greater together.

I'm grateful for a platform like @threespeak where I can speek my mind freely !

Enjoy watching the video !


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