Published on Dec 25, 2019
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In this video I talked about the attack against @threespeak.

Some videos are being downvoted just because they hit the trending page.

After talking with a few dedicated steemians about the issue I realized that some steemians don't agree with the distribution of the rewards without understanding the concept of the platform. is the platform that rewards those who are promoting steem blockchain to the world. The more views we have, the more rewarded we will be. That motivates us to promote our videos in all other social media and forums to generate more traffic to steem blockchain. The platform also is created to onboard deplatformed creators with big following. The platform rewards those who are promoting steem blockchain everyday in other social media, like me.

Please understand the concept. It's not about quality here or fancy life. It's about letting those who are censored speak their true opinion without being afraid that their content will be deleted.

Please also watch the presentation of @theycallmedan in steemfest to understand everything :

Take a look at the team of the platform and what they are doing with #promo-steem !

Take a look at the traffic 3SPEAK videos are attracting to steem.

Only me in less than 5 months already generated more than 7000 views !

I don't think that adjusting rewards is needed. And the disagreement of rewards will not lead to anything good in the future. We are onboarding censored people not to censor them here as well. I think it could be an abuse of power as well.

Imagine if in the next hardfork those who abuse their power will be restricted to use it for days ! Such proposal could be created and I think a lot of steemians will support it.

Let us enjoy our freedom of speech ! Peace !

Enjoy watching !


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