Published on Nov 23, 2019
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In this video I shared how I spent 2 hours upvoting comments.

It maybe my longest time curating in steem at once.

But, I'm happy that all the commenters get rewarded.

Special thanks to those who shared the video in a few social media and made me happy knowing that they watched the video!

Those are : @botefarm and @tolustx who get $4 each, @dexpartacus who get $3, @ikrahch and @josediccus who get $2 each. Thanks also to others who shared the video in steemit and twitter and some social media.

I've spent 2 hours curating and I hope I didn't miss anyone in my 5 am here. I will go to sleep now after that. lol

The good thing that I still have $12 worth of upvotes and you can still participate in Get up to $4 upvote for a comment !* or just comment my other videos with good and thoughtful comments, so I will choose a few of them to upvote.

You can also follow me in twitter, I'm promoting there steem every single day :

Thanks a lot for @threespeak for giving me such an opportunity. I feel like a whale and I understand that's not easy to be a whale if you are curating manually. But, it's really great to have such feeling after spending 2 years and 5 months on steem.

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