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Published on Jan 12, 2020
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We took my new Christmas toy (action camera) out sledding with us yesterday. @yeti-the-dog is pretty sure she has figured out what the goal of sledding is - careen wildly down the slope after the sledders and try to dash super close right across their path without getting hit. What a fun game! I brought my gorilla pod and attached the camera in a few different places around the small sledding hill and tested out the wireless function that allows remote control from my phone. Sledding is so much fun! The music is my own original instrumental song called "Midnight Snack".

The camera is capable of native 4k filming but the high speed memory card I ordered hasn't shown up yet so I was shooting in 2k. I was also playing around with panning in my video edit, the original shots were all stationary and I did some zooming and panning in the edit. Much more to come from this camera I am sure, starting next weekend when we will test out the underwater function :)

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