Published on Oct 01, 2019
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This video accompanies my recent post about hiking up Little Diamond Trail. As the video pans you see a view of Wanrhodes Canyon first, with Red Mountain the clearly visible red ridge on the far side of the canyon, then as the camera pans to the south you are looking over Diamond Fork Canyon proper, and then Little Diamond Fork Canyon before panning back up the mountain I am standing on (as far as I can tell this mountain is not named, or at least a name doesn't appear on either Google Maps or the US Forest Service map of the area). I have posted about Red Ledges Picnic Area before, which is a pretty amazing "mini-Moab" red canyon - that is on the other side of the Red Mountain ridgeline you can see in this video. Little Diamond Fork Canyon (at :30 the canyon that is coming out from behind the ridge line I am panning up) is where we have been camping quite a few times recently, as posted about here.

Apologies for the heavy breathing! I had just literally run up the side of the mountain from the pullout area on the switchback below where you can see my wife and kids. That is a couple hundred feet of elevation gain up about as steep of an incline as it is possible to run up without using hands, at nearly 8000' elevation - I was sucking wind when I reached the top as you can hear! BTW the high pitched screech that sounds a little like a hawk or eagle is @thingone practicing his hawk call :)

This video was filmed at lat/long coordinates 40.1011123N,-111.4498985E.

Here are a couple views from Google satellite of where I was standing when I took this to better put the landscape into perspective:

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