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Published on Aug 07, 2019
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Explaining what a computer model is to normal people and why destroying the world's economy because of climate models is insane.

Do you understand what a computer simulation actually is? You run one every time you use Waze to work out how long your drive will take.

How does that relate to Climate Change science and Global Warming. Watch the video.

This is a video I recorded while driving from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv a while back. I'm explaining what computer simulations and models really are. I have a PhD in Computational Physics. Specifically I spent 4 years writing a computer model (simulation) to figure out how plastic flows when it's molten.

My PhD work, mostly because of the brilliance of my supervisor and the other mathematicians I had working with me, changed the way simulations are carried out for what are known as non-Newtonian liquids. These are liquids that don't flow like water. Most biological liquids like honey or ketchup fall into this group. When you stir water or tea, the liquid moves away from the spoon. If you stir honey, the honey climbs the spoon.

Up until our work, people were trying for 40 years to use the same basic methods to simulate water and honey loading on lots of extra parameters and functions but not really changing the simulation method. We changed all that and with a stroke blew away a 40 year consensus. So I know what it is to be the 1% who's standing in front of a room of bright scientists who all start to realise they need to throw away their lives work in some cases.

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