Published on Apr 01, 2020
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Who is the first person who comes to mind when you think of atheism? The Pew Research
Center asked that question, along with similar ones concerning the major world religions, and they just released the responses. It won’t surprise you to learn that Buddhism prompted Buddha (55% of respondents said that) or that Catholicism led to the Pope (47%). 6% of Americans thought “Satan” when prompted with “atheism.” 51% of Americans couldn’t think of anyone, 10% said it was someone they knew personally (i.e. someone who’s not famous), 26% gave a smattering of random answers (i.e. people who aren’t famous enough), and 4% each said Richard Dawkins and Madalyn Murray O’Hair (who was murdered in 1995).

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Source: What Name Comes to Mind When You Think of Atheism? Many Americans Say… “Satan”
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