Published on Jul 11, 2019
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While the Syrian Arab Army and its allies were fighting ISIS and defending 120,000 civilians in the city of Der Ezzor, the USA and its illegal coalition was attacking the SAA and providing support to the terrorists group.

The US's declared goal not to allow the land connection between Iran - Iraq - Syria at all costs even if it would cost the US the blow off of its false claims it is fighting terror not that it was behind creating all these terrorist organizations.

In this video report the SAA legendary general martyr Issam Zahreddin appears, he died from a mesh of mines planted near Der Ezzor City but after he saw it was liberated. For 5 years he was defending the city from ISIS and Nusra Front and from their sponsors the US troops.

This video, like many others here in my channel was part of my YouTube channel before the Google-owned platform decided that they control the narrative of the wars as to what pleases the Pentagon.

More in this report: SAA Kills 400 ISIS Terrorists in Der Ezzor East of Syria.

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