Published on Aug 31, 2019
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Yet another proof that the 'peaceful protesters' were never peaceful in Syria, that the 'Moderate Rebels' were never moderate nor rebels, but anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists sponsored by the Saudis and the USA, and that, and that everything that comes from the western mainstream media are mere lies, ugly propaganda, and cover up for crimes against humanity demonizing the victims and whitewashing the crimes of the terrorists.

Nidal Jannoud was a truck driver in his city Baniyas, his daily job was delivering vegetables and fruits from his town and the farms around it to the nearby city, his only crime was he's not Wahhabi, he was just a Muslim.

FSA, Free Syrian Army, or what the US calls 'Moderate Rebels' ambushed him, attacked him with knives, paraded him on the streets then slit his throats while filming their crime and bragging about their evil, promising to continue their US-sponsored 'revolution' until the last non-Wahhabi in the country.

The video contains GRAPHIC footage, but if our children could be exposed to this live on the streets because of your tax money and the politicians you vote for, then you shouldn't have issues watching it from the safety of your homes.

This heinous crime against Nidal Jannoud was reported on 21 April 2011, the first riots started in Daraa south of the country, some 400 kilometers and 4 provinces away was on 15 March 2011.

We featured him and the date of his killing in a number of our posts, yet until this very day some Pentagon propagandists claim the riots in Syria were by peaceful protesters...!

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