Published on Sep 01, 2019
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You only saw and heard and read on western mainstream media Pentagon propagandists about the 'regime killing its people', what was going on the ground was completely the opposite, and here's one of tens of thousands of examples.

The towns of Nobol and Zahraa in Aleppo's countryside were besieged by NATO terrorists for a very long time before the Syrian Arab Army managed to break the siege and reach the towns and save 60,000 citizens who were held human hostages there and were constantly bombarded with all sorts of indiscriminate shells by NATO's own terrorists, they call them 'Moderate Terrorists'.

One of the stories that shook the Syrian people is the story of 2 children aged 6 and 8 years from one family who died of starvation in the town of Nobol. The terrorists wouldn't let food supplies be dropped over the towns and were shooting with US-provided surface to air missiles any incoming helicopter, they did shoot down a few of them whose pilots were insisting to take the risk hoping they'll be able to deliver at least some bread to the besieged hungry people.

More in this report documenting this crime against humanity which occurred on 21 April 2013: 2 Children Die from Starvation in Nobol – Aleppo Countryside.

Don't let the warmongers and criminal politicians fool you into further 'regime change' wars by selling you fake humanitarian stories they fabricate themselves. Never believe who lied at you once, let alone multiple times already.

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