Published on Aug 21, 2019
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US-sponsored Al-Qaeda FSA anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists indiscriminately shelling the town of Al-Houla in Homs countryside with mortars, they don't even know where their shells are landing.

Over 8.5 years the Syrian people have been massacred, bombed, maimed, tortured, and suffered all sorts of hell directly by the US-sponsored 'Moderate Rebels' [sic], and by the US and EU imposed sanctions and complete blockade against their country.

The town of Al-Houla was invaded by the terrorists first where they committed a heinous massacre then when it was secured by the Syrian armed forces they started shelling it from distance. You can thank your politicians who created and sponsored these criminals.

This video was uploaded by the terrorists themselves to brag about their 'achievements' and show it to their paymasters, they used to get paid bonuses for their criminal acts in addition to their daily wages. We shared it for the world to see in our post on April 13, 2013: al-Qaeda FSA Terrorists Shell Houla City.

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