Published on Aug 08, 2019
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It's not enough they killed him, they invested in his killing to accuse his supporters and those he supported during his life. All his fault was not joining the 'peaceful revolution' against his country which was supported by enemies of humanity. The assassination of Islam's most respected scholar Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Al-Bouti combined in its details all evidences needed that the so-called Syrian Revolution is nothing but a NATO plot against Islam.

21 March 2013 - Damascus, Syria

Islam prohibits in all conditions and under all circumstances, everything else contrary to that is only fueled by enemies of Islam using Wahhabis (religion of Saudi Arabia) as their cannon fodders:

  1. Killing of innocent people - 54 people were killed in the mosque along with the scholar.
  2. Killing in a worship place - The site of the suicide bombing was a prominent mosque in the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus.
  3. Killing of elders - The target of this heinous crime late Bouti was 84 years old.
  4. Killing of clerics, scholars, priests, rabbis, and religious figures - Late Bouti was the most prominent figure in Islam during over the last 40 years of his life.
  5. Terrifying non-combatants - The mosque hosts in its basement displaced Syrian families who fled their towns after it was infested by US-sponsored 'Moderate Terrorists', the mosque is in a residential area in Damascus.

Among other proofs. If you are otherwise brainwashed to think that Islam promotes any sort of killing because that's what your mainstream media outlet tells you, try to read, get an Islamic transliteration of the Quran and read full verses to understand better before being fooled. Think, why the vast majority of Muslims, more than 1.8 billion of them, do not carry any act of violence and only the few who are exemplified on western media do?

In addition to all of the above, the late scholar was known for his support of the Syrian state and his very close and distinguished relation with the Syrian President Bashar Assad, he even had open doors for him to contact the president at any time and for whatever reason and has never used the door for his own benefits as his own enemies confess.

The week before the assassination of late Bouti and 54 of his students in the Eman Mosque in the heart of Damascus two leading figures promoting for hatred and chaos in the Arab World have called for the killing of Sheikh Bouti: Youssef Qaradawi the elder of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood movement from his base in Qatar next to the US's largest military base in the region, and the head of the same cult in Egypt. That happened just one week before the assassination of late Bouti, there is no coincidence in that.

The above is part of Syria News video library and was among hundreds of other videos taken down the net when YouTube deleted our channel.

More in this post: Killers of Top Muslim Scholar Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Buti.

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