Published on Jul 09, 2019
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WARNING: The Video Contains Ultra Graphic Footage

In the first week of June 2014 a group of Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists attacked grain mills in Khalidiya suburb, Homs, central Syria. The terrorists wanted to steal the wheat, flour, and bread the Syrian people store there.

It wasn't the first time they raided Syrian wheat, they looted then burned down all the grain silos in areas they infested, all the grains were transferred to Turkey.

The Syrian Arab Army and local militia called National Defense Forces were alerted about the terrorists plan and engaged with them.

50 terrorists, we used to call them Obama thugs, were rendered 'very peaceful' by the Syrian people.

The song in the video is from the Syrian folklore.

This video is from Syria News library and I found a copy of it online after YouTube deleted my channel and lost hundreds of such videos, oddly enough my laptop's hard disk was damaged the same time... Luckily, someone copied the video to their channel and I managed to copy it back, borrowing my video from someone who borrowed it from me.

More in this report: SAA Renders Tens of Al Qaeda Fighters ‘Peaceful’ in Homs – GRAPHIC.

The *War of Terror the US and its lackeys and stooges waged against Syria is unprecedented with the amount of hatred, crimes and massacres, in addition to lies and propaganda in human known history.

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