Published on Jun 28, 2019
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The first example is a reality using a fake video dubbing, not only the audio is dubbed but the video can be as well, and this technology is advancing fast.

It's not new though, I've been seeing reports about it for the past few years, but it's on the increase.

Don't be shocked in the future to see someone sane telling something insane, better to confirm it from a couple of other sources.

This is very dangerous especially for public figures, especially for politicians which might in their case cause conflicts, wars, schism in societies and more. We need to be more vigilant, we've seen what fake media systematically circulated by the mainstream media or better call it the 'Establishment Media' did to countries affected with the 'Arab Spring' plague. We've seen the deaths and destruction in Syria, still ongoing because of fake propaganda spread by NATO fake story tellers and fabricated videos, imagine if this is added to fuel such conflicts.

People should be very careful not to become Sheeple easily.

Source of video: from the regional mother of fake news Al-Jazeera Twitter account, who else would be more interested in such a technology?

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