Published on Jul 03, 2019
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Adorable Ghina Bu Hamdan and young Syrian girl sings the famous Give Us Childhood Give Us Peace song for The Voice Kids - Arabic.

The song touches the feelings of every human being and talks about the suffering of the Syrian children during the US's 'War Of Terror' waged on Syria, thousands killed, tens of thousands maimed, more became orphans and many more lost their homes and became displaced.

With not a tiny single interest for the USA or any of its citizens, but only for the greed and crimes of those working on the 'Greater Israel Project', all the people of the Arab World should suffer including the Semite people of the Levant by the anti-Semite imported foreign settlers impostors of following Judaism while abusing the essence of the religion to achieve their goal.

When this performance was aired live almost instantly all the Pentagon propagandists among the 'Arab Spring' enablers claimed Ghina was singing to advance their propaganda against Syria by attributing their crimes to the Syrian state and whitewashing al-Qaeda FSA terrorists from any crimes, the Syrian Presidency released a short video showing Ghina singing before Syrian First Lady Asmaa Assad and honored by her to prove their lies, almost instantly again those same propagandists who were praising Ghina started a smearing campaign against her...

This video and hundreds others were deleted when YouTube suspended my channel without any proper justification as explained: YouTube Channel Deleted in order for them to suppress the truth and keep only one narrative flowing, the narrative of 'Regime Changes' and wars. The original video was in high quality, I just found a lower resolution version of it uploaded by someone else to YouTube, my hard disk where all the videos and thousands of images about the conflict in Syria was also broken at the same time YouTube deleted the channel so I couldn't retrieve many of the videos.

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