Published on Dec 26, 2019
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Iran Supreme leader's international affairs adviser Ali Akbar Velayati had some straightforward answers to the pressing questions in regards to the Israeli crimes against Syria.

Israel Raids on Syria will not go unanswered

If Israeli officials are taken by the quietness on their northern front in not responding to their air raids in Syria, they are very wrong.

The main problem in our world is when criminals are not punished instantly and severely they continue their crimes thinking nobody will respond to them ever. They will start crying when the responses start coming back and at that time it'll be too late to get away with minor scratches.

As for the Israeli officials continuous threats they'll flatten Lebanon in an upcoming war they'll carry out against the tiny country, the person who knows better Mr. Velayati's reply was: "If Israel attacks Lebanon, Hezbollah will settle Israel with dirt."

The Iranian top adviser was speaking to Russian RT channel, and obviously the Russians, as well, are not happy at all with the Israeli crimes against Syria and will not interfere to stop the response when it comes.

The Israelis and their supporters worldwide are still living in the fantasies of the 1967 six days war, that was over 6 decades ago, and since then they didn't win a single battle, especially they're the ones who started most of them...

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