Published on Sep 08, 2019
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After more than 2 years of the direct Turkish negative and criminal intervention in Syria by sponsoring hundreds of thousands of foreign imported terrorists from all sides of the world, and after the same period of fierce coordinated media onslaught campaigns by the entire western mainstream media establishment and all their stooges worldwide, after rumors of his assassination, his fleeing the country, or living on board a Russian navy ship or in an underground bunker, Syria's Assad conducts an interview in Damascus with two Turkish news channels.

Keep in mind that this was in early 2013 when Turkish pariah and most hated individual Erdogan wasn't in full control of his country yet, so some freedoms were there.

This video with English translation by yours truly was published in Syria News post: Assad: Erdogan Didn’t Say a Single Word of Truth Since Beginning of Crisis.

Never believe western mainstream media, at least in foreign policy, their agenda matches the agenda of the Pentagon, do you ever recall western news channel countering the always wrong and criminal policies of the Pentagon?

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