Published on Jul 10, 2019
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NATO countries and regional stooges led by the United State of America created an illegal self-proclaimed coalition and sold it to the world as a coalition to fight ISIS. In reality, it was created to further the US's regime change agenda by aiding Al-Qaeda different affiliates and branches in Syria and Iraq, those include ISIS and Nusra Front.

This report details some of the weapons shipped from NATO countries to ISIS and Nusra Front, don't act like you're surprised, if you're following closely you'd know that as we were reporting it firsthand.

This video report is part of Syria News library, was gone when YouTube deleted my channel, uploaded it earlier to Dtube but videos there don't live long, so I'm uploading it again here, hopefully more people will watch it and it would live for longer.

My post How the US-Led Coalition Armed ISIS and Nusra Front has more info, and it's where this video report was first plubished.

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