Published on Jul 18, 2019
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One of the largest reconciliation effort in Syria took place in southern Damascus countryside over few days back in early January 2017, it included 1200 former armed terrorists who dropped their weapons and later joined the Syrian Arab Army efforts in fighting the real foreign terrorists in their country.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia alone spent over $138 billion until 2017 as per the confession of the former Qatari PM Hamad Bin Jassim on his state's TV channel, that time they were working together for a common goal which is destroy Syria.

The large portion of that amount was used to buy advanced weapons and munition, but a considerable chunk from the total budget which is more than the public budget of several countries combined, was used to pay very high daily and monthly payments to whoever carries weapons against the Syrian state, many from rural areas joined, sadly, after being bombarded with a systematic brainwashing campaign by hundreds of regional and international media outlets.

Definitely such news will not be reported by western mainstream media, or if reported would be twisted and ridiculed, but the events on the ground would eventually prove the lies of the western MSM and their agenda, only to those who follow the news properly, not the Sheeple majority of the western citizens.

This report is part of the intensive library I had on my YouTube channel, which was deleted by Google, my effort was to translate and caption the videos, and to embed the videos in news and analyst articles on my site. This particular video from the post: 1,200 Terrorists Convert to SAA in Damascus Western Countryside.

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