Published on Apr 30, 2020
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With a presidential candidate like that who needs spies? Well, he was even the Vice President of the United States of America and this interview shows how he got there.

I've shared this a number of times, not sure if I did so on this platform whether by uploading the video or just a link, I do believe the people, especially those of the USA when they go to act as they're electing the already selected president for them, keep this video in mind, and you don't necessarily need to vote to the other dumber person, there must be many other independent ones, go make your vote noticed by voting for any of those or just drop a blank paper, either way, your vote doesn't have any value, a group of small people will decide who becomes their new puppet.

This is an interview he made with a Shalom TV, note the Orwellian language starting with the name of the TV: Shalom means Peace, and ever since the plan to create an Israel over stolen land from the real Semite people in the Levant for European imported and force expelled Jews the entire region and beyond never saw peace.

Then comes the details which I mentioned in my 2012 blog post: Biden: You Don't Have to Be A Jew To Serve Israel In The US Administration.

I will copy them here again for those lazy to grab the above post:

In my country I want politicians to be serving the interests of my country first then serving mine, not serving the interests of a country overseas and its people on the account of my own country's interests and my own people's welfare.

There's a gang known publicly as the neo-cons (neoconservatives) in the US administration(S), formerly known as the Hawks. They don't change when an administration changes, even if some names change, the replacements carry on with exactly the same plan and in many times with more enthusiasm!

We call them the Zionists for a simple reason: They call themselves Zionists.

Things to note in this video:

  • Baker-Hamilton Commission was headed by thee most designated, respectful, patriotic (for the USA) 2 politicians James Baker & Lee Hamilton; yet the Zionist Biden mocks them at the very beginning of the interview, he was the only one in Congress to dare to mock them, he 'says'.

  • Hypothetical policy-making: If peace broke out between Palestinians and Israel (would never happen) would there not be a full-blown out war in Iraq?! The plan is to divide and conquer and in one of its goals: greater Israel which cannot be achieved with strong secular nations surrounding it.

  • If Iraq is transferred to Mars?! What a scientific base to build on the strategies of the once the superpower nation on the planet... Then what does occupying the land of others, enforcing an apartheid brutal regime on the occupied people have to do with it not being under a 'terror' attack? By the way, the US considers any liberation movement not founded, funded and supported by the CIA a terrorist movement, while those founded, funded and supported by the CIA are 'freedom fighters', 'democracy promoters'... bla bla bla.

  • Israel is the single greatest strength America has in the Middle East.. Doesn't this sound more like hegemonic to the other people of the Middle East, namely the people of Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, GCC Countries, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Yemen, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Somalia, Djibouti.. don't you think? Creating an entity out of nowhere, beefing it with $8 billion a year in aid, weapons, technology, FOOD, basically all means of life on the account of US own citizens..! Not to mention Germany, UK and France among others with less 'donations'.

  • Imagine our circumstances in the world where there is no Israel? Let me imagine: building relations with the people of the Middle East and North Africa based on mutual interests, respect of international law, respect of human rights, respect the sovereignty of those nations so none of their citizens would breach the sovereignty of yours in retaliation? I can keep imagining.

  • How many battleships would there be? How many troops would be stationed? USA administrations know there's something called diplomatic relations between countries, thus there's a need to open embassies to maintain 'regime changes', oh sorry, those diplomatic relations. As Evo Morales said: The only country that can be sure never to have a coup d'etat is the United States as it doesn't have a US embassy.

The USA only learns the language of power, which by the way is not limited to the USA, last time it played overtly with Syria for instance and set foot on Lebanon's soil when Syrian troops were there in 1983 to serve Israel, Syria sent 240 US Marines and 125 French Marines within 5 minutes to their final destiny. Everybody knows the language of power, you have no idea what those small nations can do with small powers when their interests are endangered to superpowers on their land. Example: the US thinks that battleships presence in the Persian Gulf is a matter of power show off in front of Iran, while Iran sees them as hostages.

  • Johnathan Pollard was an Israeli Mossad spy spying on the USA military..!! Need I say more?

  • I am a Zionist, you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.

End of the post's transcript.

I guess I forgot to note that Zionism is the very anti-Jewish radical movement that could be created, similarly to the Wahhabism and Muslim Brotherhood for Islam, KKK, and Neo-Nazis for Christianity... If you get the idea.

Who controls who: The US controls Israel or Israel controls the USA? Or is it those filthy evil criminal people calling themselves 'the elite' or 'the haves more' - as George W. Bush described them once, they control both the USA and Israel and the US's stooges and minions?

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