Published on Sep 05, 2019
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This report from July 2013 shows another side of the *War of Terror the US and its cronies and stooges waged against the Syrian people, not only importing hundreds of thousands of terrorists from all sides of the world into neighboring countries, training them, arming them, then sending them into Syria to kill Syrians and destroy their country, US satellite states in the region like Saudi, Qatar (pronounced Gutter), and Turkey worked hard to steal Syrian produce when they can and smuggle it out when they can't to add further pressure on the Syrian people to push them to revolt against their state.

More about this report in this post: Mounting Pressure on Syrian Economy.

The Syrian people have faced an international war against them for more than 8.5 years now that superpowers in the world would collapse if they face anything similar within weeks. And the world is continuing their attacks in all sorts on the Syrian people including the draconian sanctions by the US and EU that not only hurt the ordinary Syrians, it also hurt the US and EU interests and well-being of their own companies and individuals depriving them from reaping benefits of doing any business and interacting with the countries on the Pentagon target list for destruction.

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