Published on Jul 17, 2019
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This heartbroken mother didn't see her two daughters for 3 years, they were kidnapped by US-sponsored al-Qaeda FSA terrorists when their city Adra, north of Damascus, was attacked in early morning hours.

US-sponsored 'Moderate Terrorists' raped then backed babies and little children in the city's main bakery ovens in front of their parents, literally, then killed most of the city's men and women, the women were also raped before killings.

Adra's atrocities by the United States of America might be the worst yet committed in Syria.

This video is part of the post: Syria- Mother Sees her Daughters First Time after 3 Years with al-Qaeda.

Syrian Armed Forces sacrifice a lot to capture terrorists commanders alive to exchange them with civilians like in this case. Syrian President Assad stated that the top priority for the state is to release the hostages at any cost, even if it would be at the account of releasing terrorists in exchange.

Meanwhile, at the United Nations and all platforms, the USA and its partners in crimes the UK, France and others, continue shedding crocodile tears over their last army of terrorists in Idlib, and want you to believe that the foreign al-Qaeda fighters in Syria are there to protect the Syrian people from their own children in the Syrian armed forces... It is working though, on their **Sheeple.

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